Associate Professor Shamsul Haque

Contact Details

Tel: +603 5514 6318
Fax: +603 5514 6307
Office: Room 3-2-08

Profile Summary

Associate Professor Shamsul Haque is a cognitive psychologist with extensive teaching and research experience. He has published his works in various local and international peer reviewed journals and edited books. His current research interests focus on the retrieval processes of autobiographical memory, cognitive impairments following sleep deprivation, cognitive determinants of self-harm, false memory, construction of autobiographical memory in psychiatric patients, cultural influences in autobiographical recollection, and the neuropsychology of autobiographical memory.


Teaching responsibility

  • PSY3062: Research Methods and Theory
  • PSY2051: Research Design and Analysis (co-teaching with Dr. Vanlal Thanzami and Dr. Tam Cai Lian)



BSc (Hons), M.Sc.(Dhaka), PhD (Bristol)

Research Projects

Ongoing projects

1) Project title: Transmission of Cultural Life Scripts
Sponsor: Flinders University Australia
Amount: RM3,600.00
Year: 2015-2017

2) Project title: Quality of Light - Impact of Visual and Non-Visual Effects
Sponsor: CREST, Malaysia
Amount: RM445,263.00
Year: 2015-2018

3) Project title: Project FRESH (Fatigue Research Shell)
Role in project: Principal researcher
Sponsor: SHEEL
Amount: RM117,859.00
Year: 2016-2018

4) Project title: Blending technology-enhanced and traditional teaching methods to enhance student learning outcomes
Role in project: Principal researcher
Sponsor: Monash University (BTBL grant)
Amount: RM40,000.00
Year: 2016-2018

5) Project title: Generational identity and autobiographical narratives of Bangladesh independence war veterans
Role in project: Principal researcher
Sponsor: Monash University Research Platform Grant
Amount: RM20,000.00
Year: 2016-2017

Teaching Responsibility

1. PSY3051: Perception and Cognition
2. PSY3062: Research Methods and Theory
3. PSY4210: Statistics and Research Design for Professional Psychology
4. EDF5547: Counselling Research Design, Statistics and Programme evaluation


Current research supervision

1. Soon Lee
Project title: Psychological predictors of social network sites use (co-supervising with Dr Miriam Park)

2. Zhang Yujia
Project title: Functions of autobiographical memory in patients with persecutory belief: A cross-national study
Sponsor: Monash University Malaysia

3. Khadeeja Munawar
Project title: Explaining the reminiscence bump: A test of identity development theory and cultural life script theory
Sponsor: Monash University Malaysia

4. Loheswary Arumugam
Project title: Confidence and accuracy of eyewitness testimony in children with ADHD: The effect of post-event misinformation
Sponsor: Monash University Malaysia

5. Md. Azharul Islam
Project title: Autobiographical memory, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder among Bangladesh independence war veterans
Sponsor: Monash University Malaysia

1.    Li Kong
2.    Jee Chan

Master of Professional Counselling
1.    Ammar Mohammed Abuzahra
2.    Rubendev Singh Dhillon

Recent Publications

Recent keynote speech

Haque, S. (10 June, 2015). Autobiographical Memory: processes and functions. At the Malaysian International Psychology Conference.

Recent publications (book)

Haque, S., & Sheppard, E. (2015). Culture and cognition: A collection of critical essays. Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang.

Recent publications (articles and chapters)

Sarker, A., Poon, W. C., Haque, S., & Herath, G. (2017). Common-pool resource management from a neuroeconomics perspective. Ecological Economics (under review).
Janssen, S. M. G., & Haque, S. (2017). Stability and transmission of cultural life scripts: A cross-national study. Memory, DOI: 10.1080/09658211.2017.1335327
Mozumder, M. K., & Haque, S. (2015). Stereotypical thoughts and perceptions among Chakma and settler Bengalis in southeastern Bangladesh. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, 21, 285-288
Janssen, S. M. G., & Haque, S. (2015). Cultural life scripts in autobiographical memory. In S. Haque & E. Sheppard (Eds.). Culture and cognition: A collection of critical essays (pp. 27-44). Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang.
Haque, S., & Sheppard, E. (2015). Introduction. In S. Haque & E. Sheppard (Eds.). Culture and cognition: A collection of critical essays (pp. 13-23). Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang.
Goh, P. H., & Haque, S. (2015). Nomination of best vs. worst politicians and entertainers: Examining the reminiscence bump for subjective judgments (under review).
Mozumder, M. K., Park, M. S., Bonn, G. B., & Haque, S. (2015). Modeling racial prejudice: Connecting factors from multiple disciplines (under review).
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