Associate Professor Nor'Azim Mohd Yunos

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Dr Nor'azim Mohd Yunos is Associate Professor (Practice) in Intensive Care and Deputy Head (Research) of the Clinical School Johor Bahru. He is also an Academic Coordinator of the Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) program.

Nor’azim is an intensivist with research interest in fluids, electrolytes and acid-base in the critically ill; and has highly cited publications in these areas. He has also been active in Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) teaching, with regular involvement as facilitator in local and regional EBM workshops. He is also part of a Monash team that promotes Patient Safety to medical undergraduates and junior doctors.

Link to Nor’azim Mohd Yunos’s publications can be found at ORCID:


MBBS (Mal), M Anaes (Mal), EDIC, GradCertHigherEd(Monash), PhD (Monash)

Research Interests

  • Intravenous fluids and biochemical homeostasis in the critically ill
  • Sepsis in the tropics, including dengue
  • Patient Safety


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Video Publications

Atan, R., Smith, G., Mohd Yunos, N., Sood, S., Pillai, N. K., & Nestel, D. (2017, February 1). Transport of the critically ill patient: Equipment preparation [Video file]. Retrieved from

Atan, R., Smith, G., Mohd Yunos, N., Sood, S., Pillai, N. K., & Nestel, D. (2017, February 1). Transport of the critically ill patient: Patient preparation [Video file]. Retrieved from