Collaborative learning in a technologically-enhanced environment

The Medical Anatomy and Pathology E-Learning (MAPEL) Laboratory hosts anatomy and pathology learning materials, including an extensive collection of specimens and models supported by interactive multimedia and technological enhancements.

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Innovative educational approach

Practical learning made available at the MAPEL Lab through the integration of multimedia and anatomical specimens as learning resources enhances the delivery of course content and helps students to develop core competencies.

Facilities at CSJB

Comprehensive clinical learning facilities

The Clinical School Johor Bahru (CSJB) houses the Pathology Museum, Pathology Resources Centre, Organ Demo Room, Medical Research Lab, Clinical Research Lab, and also Clinical Skills Lab equipped with high-end simulator models to enhance clinical learning experience.

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Interactive learning through simulator system

The Noelle and NewBorn simulator models are among the equipment used to facilitate the learning of baby delivery session in the Clinical Skills Lab at CSJB.

Research infrastructure

Cutting-edge facilities and equipment in support of producing high quality research

Our core research facilities include the biomedical labs, Monash-Agilent Microarray Service Centre, LC-MS/MS laboratory, animal facilities and neuroscience labs.

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High performance equipment

The LC-MS/MS laboratory at JCSMHS has the leading-edge equipment to perform molecular biology and chemistry analyses.

Neuroscience facilities

At the forefront of neuroscience research

The Brain Research Institute Monash Sunway (BRIMS) has well-equiped facilities, including Malaysia’s first Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) animal facility for conducting neuroscience research.

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Studying how the human brain works using fish models

The neuroscience team at BRIMS has established a behavior system to study addiction, neuropsychiatryic disorders, and sleep disorders using fish models.